Visitor Attractions

We can offer a plan of thinking skills based, engaging activities for a range of ages, including adult. We know we will not run out of ideas for these because we have a thinking technique to use to ensure results. Our overall aim with our activities, after engaging the mind of course, is to get people to consider the world just slightly differently, maybe slightly more objectively, than before.

Certain thinking activities, e.g. problem solving, result in a glorious serotonin rush in nearly all of us. Look at the recent popularity of escape rooms. We maximise on this, and other known drives and motivations, to engage your visitors with learning while at your attraction. In fact your visitors won’t know they are learning until it has happened!

We have categorised different types of activities to ensure we provide a range; we can use this to provide regular changes or to provide a range of fixed, permanent resources. The activities may be staff led or be autonomous of staff, they may be requiring replacement of resources or not …we ask you your preferences for such matters in your initial consultation. . If your activities are staff led then we include workshops explaining the thinking skills being developed within the activities and how to maximise this by simple questions/interactions. We make these fun and include interesting facts about the brain and about human nature and drive.

Once we have provided ideas and explanation of thinking skills behind them, you can choose to implement the ideas yourself or we can produce the resources and maintain them if preferred.

We have a no single-use plastic, low carbon footprint policy and certainly one of our main concerns is not providing activities that result in children taking away items to litter around your attraction.

Initial Consultation is free (and we come to you) so please get in touch and lets see how we can help you.