Workshops for businesses

Our approach is based on the Kono methodology. This is based on the principle that creativity and problem solving go hand in hand. In order to solve a problem we have to deconstruct it, analyse the parts, generate an idea and finally reconstruct all the parts with the new idea integral to the whole.

Creative thought is necessary to generate an idea and can be taught by demonstrating the process and giving techniques to aid and guarantee success. Creative thought and clarity of thought are not discordant and for managing creative thought, clear thinking is a useful skill; also teachable and this is the fundamental basis of our approach.

The course we teach covers not just the process but techniques to use to prevent any obstacles. It is designed to be interactive and practical and enjoyable. We give interesting facts about the brain as we go and insights into human nature and drive.

Teaching creative thought in business: We come to you, available only in Cornwall and Devon at present. £80 for 3 hours working with management/staff. Free consultation where we explain our course in more detail and adapt it to fit your business.