wisdencewisdence wisdence wisdence wisdence wisdence wisdence wisdence wisdence Wisdence is the much needed study combining wisdom and science. “Wisdom is is the ability to think and act using knowledge, experience, understanding, common sense and insight”. Different people have different ‘wisdom’, depending on their experience and the connective style of their neural networks. Insight is the crucial part of wisdom. The concepts of experience storage, enhanced senses, subliminal thought and intuition are all needed to really explain insight. The working memory of the human brain is limited. The brain is constantly taking in information that is processed without awareness. Considering the number of pathways for sight information to travel, and be processed (6), helps understand how we cannot be aware of all incoming information. Senses are underrated. There are 5 or 21 or 35? The debate continues. Imagine you take all this information, along with one person’s life experience, and put it into a computer to compile, compare and process. What do you have? Wisdence.

Now imagine you add scientific research and data …what do you have? Still wisdence! Hmmm, am I saying that wisdom trumps science. I think maybe it does, and I’m a scientist!


A new way of looking

Imagine you are looking through a magnifying glass, you can see one small part of the world really clearly but not much of it. Step back, change the magnifying glass for a pair of green glasses to counteract your pink tinted ones. Step back further, and further and further…until you are in space. Now think about this: what is the most important factor that should influence all the decisions you make today …even the smallest and even those you aren’t really aware are decisions/choices that you are making.

What do we really want for our children?

Happiness I used to think; now I don’t. Laura Ingalls Wilder put the desired attributes of life very well I feel: be helpful, be kind and be courageous. That, I think, is what I want. Eglantyne Jebb said that all humanity is one; I want my children to think that. Robin Williams, in Night of the Museum, said that the secret to happiness is physical exercise. I want my children to know that. What do you want for your children? If you are a teacher, what do you want to give the children you teach?

Getting It Wrong: Why we don’t question the obvious

So many things we accept because of our cultures. So many things we get wrong and never question it, i.e. margarine is more healthy than butter, it is good to make your bed when you get out of it, having more things is good for us. But we do need our brains to accept things; society and culture is so complex now that life would be too much for us if we questioned everything. Besides which, it is painful to change entrenched networks, who needs that? So how do we know what to question and when, and more importantly, how do we summon the mental strength to change our networks.

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