The Kono Methodology was developed by teachers who have studied neurology to help justify a thinking and creative curriculum. We do not have any qualifications in neurology and do not present anything as fact but present the research and thoughts of neurologists and educators. What we do have is many years of teaching experience, curriculum adaptation and a drive to discover how the brain learns; seeing lights switch on in children’s eyes by applying a thinking angle to standard curriculums has led us to want to share this with others.

Some people have neural wiring that engenders creativity more than those with a different (yet equally good) wiring system: it is just a neural process and, once identified, can be replicated. Many thinking courses miss out the ‘how to create’ step. There are techniques which can be taught to enable creative, blue sky, out of the box, lateral, divergent thinking.

We are based in Cornwall, UK but can travel or provide online conferencing/workshops.