Neural Connections and Creativity

Our Creative Thinking courses are for teachers, students, business women and men …and also for everyone else and even for animals! The ability to think creatively and to problem-solve effectively can be learnt. It makes sense to learn in a way that takes advantage of how our brain works and to think in a way that maximises all our skills and experience. These are life skills that everyone should have.

Our thinking courses are based on a combination of neurology, teaching experience and analysis of the process of creative and decisive minds.

Here is an overview of the topics that we can incorporate in your workshop: the initial chat is about sorting out what you would like to cover. 

Personality and thinking, higher order decision making, thinking techniques, problem solving, generating solutions, clarifying issues, organising thoughts, listening and discussion, observation and investigation, resilience, metacognition, sub-conscious influence, collaboration, making connections, clarity of thought, motivation and drive, creating a need to learn, when to think and when to get on with it, types of intelligence, self worth, evaluation, thinking and learning skills curriculum example, games and 5 minute exercises to boost thinking, knowing your filters and lastly but not least: fun facts about the brain that will give you an insight into your habits!

We may ask you to take a part in our analysis of minds -this is your choice but is quite painless!